Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top 5 Apps - Review

Read about the top apps in the apple app store before you decide what apps you want!

In a scale of 1 to 10, you will see my rating of the top apps!
and a description of the app!

1. Doodle Jump =10
  Doodle jump is addicting and will keep you playing time after time. With great quality graphics and clear sound effect you will be delighted every time you try to reach the endless top and break or create your own record.This awesome app also features a variety of themes that vary from Christmas to Halloween and even the jungle! 
Without a doubt this app will be worth every penny! 

2.  Angry birds =10
  Angry birds is yet another app that continues to keep you in your toes! or should I say thumbs. Every time you pull back on the sling shot you are preparing for what you hope is the single shot breaker! This app has great sound effects and graphics that make the birds real! if it weren't for the glass in your idevice they'd nearly jump out! The many levels, the story, and the secret golden eggs keep this app in the top apps section!
You are sure to launch birds all day long!

3. Cut the Rope = 10
Cut the rope is a single player game that will surely have you cutting rope after rope! This app has the BEST graphics and the background music will surely relax you level after level! With an increasing difficulty in every level( this app is made for those who like to build up a challenge.
 4. Real Racing 2 = 9

  This app follows in the cool first Real Racing game with top quality graphics and awesome sound effects! This app provides you with many laps and tons of cars to choose from. You decide whether to quick race or set yourself a career in this awesome game that will have you racing lap after lap!

5. Words = 9
  If you like words than you are sure to enjoy this app! Compete with friends or random opponents in a word match that will leave you learning new words after every game! With a clean and organized interface this app will provide you with endless fun while your opponents challenge you to reach their score!

more app reviews to come....

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