Friday, November 18, 2011

Top games and apps for your iPod, iPhone or iPad!

Tired of your old apps? And want something new?
Well check out these awesome games and apps that will entertain you!

1. Zombie Gunship

Okay, so you like killing zombies but you're tired of wacking your zombies to death with a bat or shooting them a 9mm handgun. Well zombie gun ship will give you an upgrade with your very own gunship!! With a selection of 3 level weapons you can shoot small caliber or you can go all out with 105mm!

2. Skyfire
We all know that at one point or another you found yourself looking for a way to watch South park or another explicit site, however apples video players aren't the most compatible. With this app you will be able to watch full episodes of southpark as well as thousands of other videos! Simply download Skyfire from the app store or installous to start watching videos!

3. (shazam)RED
Have you ever heard a song on the background while you are drinking your coffee or are shopping at the mall? But had no way of knowing the name or artist?
Well, (shazam)RED can identify that song playing at your favorite cafe! It provides you with the name of the song, artist, lyrics and (when available) album artwork! You can even preview the song from iTunes and download it or watch it on YouTube. Along with many other features!

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