Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 Awesome apps to start the school year with!

Top games and apps for your iPod, iPhone or iPad!

Tired of the same old apps? Want something new?
Well check out these awesome games and apps that will entertain you!

1.  Buster Bash
     Are you a baseball fan? Well this is the official game of Buster Posey! 
This game is brand new and it features some simple yet cool graphics. The objective
is to collect as many sunflowers seeds as you can while batting the ball as far as you can to gain
points. Yes, a simple game but will you be making home runs or getting struck out?

Price: FREE

This one deserves a second one.......


2. Highway Rider
   Any thrill seekers in the blog?! Well my friend lucky for you we have the
perfect game for you! (while staying perfectly safe that is!) 
Highway Rider will let you get behind the wheel of a motorcycle and take on the road in this awesome game of car near misses. The point of the game, get as many near misses 
as you can to gain a boost of speed each time. So, how fast can you go before you get too close?

 Price: FREE


 Although this app has been out for a while I tough it deserved a spot in this page!
This app is for the fans of magic and mind reading......not really. What this app can do tough
is guess the person you are thinking of thru a series of questions that hint the genie
who the character is. So if you are ready to impress your friends check out this awesome app! 

Price: $1.99


- The images posted above are owned by their respective company and in no way am I or my reviews affiliated with them.

- Do you have any cool apps that you want to recomend? 
Feel free to comment or email me!

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