Sunday, December 15, 2013

3 Great Brain Apps!

Improve your memory and vocabulary with these 3 awesome apps!

Practice some of your basic skills while having fun. The following apps are not guaranteed to magically improve your vocabulary and memory, but they will allow you to have some fun while boosting those skills!

1. Words with friends
     Perhaps one of the most recognized apps in any platform or mobile device, Words with friends allows you to strategically play words against matched opponents of the same skill level. Every letter counts for a determined amount of points and word placement provides you with triple and double points. This app provides you with tons of fun while improving your vocabulary!

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          $0.99 - No ads



2.  Hangman
     Don't just guess the words, learn while you do it! Hangman provides you with a small sentence to give you some background about the word itself. You're not only practicing having fun and practicing your vocabulary, but you are also learning.

Price: FREE - Ad supporter
          $2.99 - Pro version



3. Ruzzle
    More words, more fun! Ruzzle times you as you try to pick out as many words as possible by highlighting from a predetermined table of letters. You gain point depending on the number of words you play and their length as well. Like Words with friend, every letter represents a point and certain words provide you with triple and double points. Learn new words and try to get as many points before the time runs out!

Price: FREE - Ad supporter
          $2.99 - Premium

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